Ocean or Pool? Deciding where to do your underwater portrait session in Puerto Rico

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When deciding between a pool and the ocean for underwater portrait photography sessions, several factors come into play. Each environment offers unique opportunities and challenges that can greatly impact the final outcome of your photoshoot.


  1. Controlled Environment: Pools provide a controlled setting where factors like water temperature, lighting, and water clarity can be easily managed. This control can be beneficial for achieving specific desired effects in your underwater portraits.
  2. Privacy and Convenience: Pools are often located in private settings such as homes or rental facilities, offering privacy and convenience for the photographer and subjects. This can help create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the photoshoot.
  3. Predictability: In a pool, you have more predictability in terms of water conditions, currents, and other potential obstacles. This can make it easier to plan and execute your underwater photography session efficiently.
  4. Accessories and Equipment: Pools allow for easy access to additional accessories and equipment that can enhance your underwater portraits, such as props, lighting rigs, and safety gear.


  1. Natural Beauty: The ocean offers stunning natural backdrops that can add a unique and captivating element to your underwater portraits. The colors, textures, and marine life present in the ocean can create truly memorable images.
  2. Dynamic Environment: While the ocean may present challenges like currents and changing light conditions, it also offers a dynamic and ever-changing setting that can result in more dynamic and visually interesting photos.
  3. Creativity and Inspiration: Being submerged in the vastness of the ocean can inspire creativity and a sense of wonder that may lead to more artistic and experimental underwater portraits.
  4. Authenticity: For clients looking for a more authentic underwater experience, the ocean can provide a sense of adventure and exploration that may not be replicable in a pool setting.

Ultimately, the choice between a pool and the ocean for underwater portrait photography sessions depends on your specific goals, preferences, and logistical considerations. Both environments offer unique advantages and challenges, so consider factors such as control, aesthetics, accessibility, and the overall experience you want to create for your subjects. Whichever option you choose, proper planning, communication, and safety measures are essential for a successful underwater family portrait photoshoot in Puerto Rico.

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